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What’s better than drinking great coffee while doing good deeds? That’s what you get when you  buy Vega Coffee. This subscription coffee service sells single origin, shade-grown, Arabica coffee grown without chemicals that are roasted by the farmers who grow the beans.

Eighty percent of coffee farmers- -or 20 million people-- are trapped in a cycle of subsistence farming, according to co-founder Noushin Ketabi. Often in remote areas, they
have little access to markets and tend to rely on middlemen for exporting. (The situation is similar to peanut farmers in Haiti. I recently wrote about a supply-chain social enterprise aimed at them).

And we’re not talking about just a few middlemen. As many as 20 may be involved in the coffee supply chain, according to Vega. In many cases, the farmers grow the beans, then sort, grade and polish them , among other steps. Then they take the stuff to a cooperative, which sends it to a larger entity that’s an aggregation of cooperatives. It goes next to an exporter, various certification groups, coffee traders, and labelers, among many others. It takes six months to get coffee from the farm to the consumer.

Vega Coffee was started by a team of three dreamers who want to change the world by bringing farmers and coffee lovers together to “create a more equitableand fulfilling coffee experience.” Their roasting and processing center—and the company’s headquarters–are located in Estelí, Nicaragua, in Nicaraguan coffee country. Vega empowers farmers with training in roasting techniques and quality control. By enabling farmers to roast their own product, Vega is better able to control product quality. More importantly, they cut out the middleman, which fosters new skills and more income for the farmers, which builds local communities and their economies. With the coffee going through fewer hands, consumers—you and I—pay less for quality coffee. It’s a win-win.

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For $15, Vega offers a subscription box that includes 12 ounces of small batch, freshly roasted coffee. You select your roast—light, medium, dark or Roaster’s Choice. You select the grind—whole, fine, medium, or coarse. Shipping is free and you can pause, change, or cancel your subscription any time.

If you’re interested in knowing where your coffee is grown, drinking coffee from beans grown without chemicals, empowering coffee farmers, and having it delivered right to your mailbox, Vega Coffee is a great choice.